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Here Are Some Homemade Carpet Tricks For The Removal Of Tough Stains

Many people want to keep their beautiful pricey carpets neat and clean. But, the problem is that cleaning the carpets is not an easy job. Even many people don’t have any idea how they can clean their carpets and if you are also one of them. So, don’t worry this article is written for you.

There are many homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains or carpet cleaning. In this article, you will get to know all of them.

Spills are very common. It can be coffee spills or muddy footprints, spills leave tough stains on your carpet. Your carpets also act as a magnet for dirt and stains. But don’t worry there are many homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains. By following or using the below carpet cleaning tips you will be able to tackle all kinds of stains. Let’s see what you have to do to remove stains.

The first thing you need to do is that you have to examine or analyze the fiber of your carpet to get to know what type of material has been used for manufacturing your carpets. Is it synthetic or natural fibers? After you get to know what kind of material is used you need to use the homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains which are suitable for your carpet material type.

tough stains
tough stains

In synthetic carpet fibers, you should not pour your carpets directly onto the cleaning solutions. It can lead to shrinkage of your carpets. You can use spray bottles to spray cleaning solutions on the stained area.

  1. Detergent Carpet Cleaner: This is one of the most used homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains. It is very effective in removing stains, but you need to use it according to your material type. So, for synthetic carpets, you need to mix ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with one cup of warm water. And, for natural fiber carpets, mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with one cup of warm water.
  2. Vinegar Carpet Cleaner: Vinegar is the most common thing which we use in our kitchen, but you must be thinking that vinegar can be one of the homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains. Well, let me tell you that vinegar also acts as a cleansing agent and it has the capability of eliminating stains, dirt, or germs from your carpet. For synthetic carpets, you can mix one spoon of vinegar with two cups of water at normal temperature. And for natural fiber carpets, you need to mix ¼ cup of vinegar with a half cup of water at normal temperature.
  3. Solvent Carpet Cleaner: You can also use oil or nail removers for getting rid of tough stains on your carpets.


Use these homemade carpet tricks for the removal of tough stains. These homemade tricks are very much effective or result-giving, so use them to keep your carpets dirt or stains-free. Our expert team provides Professional Carpet Cleaning in Geelong.

We all love the cosiness and warmth of carpet flooring, though we feel distressed if an accident befalls, moreover if you are with pets and have kids, spills can happen frequently. Also, we cannot go for professional cleanup because it is quite costly also you cannot go for it every single day. 

List of Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Help You Out in Your Daily Carpet Cleaning Matters:

  • Regular Vacuuming is a Must:

    To keep your carpet flooring fresh and new for years to come, you have to have regular vacuuming, clean it like there is no tomorrow, the best is to clean it at least twice a week. It is necessary to get rid of the soil which gets accumulated inside your carpet flooring, ultimately, it will draw more soil to it, hence vacuuming serves most salutary here.
  • Don’t Rub-Just Blot It:

    If an accidental spill happens, don’t rub it. If you rub off the spills, it is the worst you can do to your carpet. Rubbing the spills will drive them down to the carpet, making it hard to clean and may result in a strong stain. Therefore, it is advisable to blot the affected area with a towel gently to get the spill out.
  • Check for Solutions Before Cleaning:

    Carpets are of different types, with different fabric, therefore it is required to check the detergent( if it causes colour fastness) before applying it directly.
  • To Get Rid of Common Stains:

    Use a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to get rid of simpler stains. Let it sit for 15 min and then gently dam it with a paper or cloth towel, thereafter, cleaning the area with some soap water. 
  • Shaving Cream is The Solution:

    Believe it or not, shaving cream works ample on every kind of stain, just spray it on the affected area, leave it for 30 min and rinse it off.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide for Blood Stains:

    What if you accidentally got a minute cut? Don’t worry about the stain, just use some hydrogen peroxide, it will fuzz up and the stain is gone within no-time.
  • Get Rid of Wax Stains:

    Use heat to get rid of wax stains, cover the area with a damp cloth and run the iron on top of it, that’s it.
  • Cleaning Pet Accidents:

    If you own pets, it is merely a matter of time before one of them has an accident onto your lovely carpet, if that happens, nothing to worry! just use good quality organic detergent and wash that area thoroughly to get rid of false odour.
  • Be Gentle With Cleaning:

    Be very gentle with cleaning your carpet flooring otherwise you will end up ruining it, keep the vacuum at the right speed, avoid over washing, avoid rubbing, install a foot-mat to eliminate the amount of dust on your carpet. All this needs to be done with mental stability to avoid damage, therefore, do not panic while carpet cleaning in Geelong.
  • Take Experts Help:

    Cleaning at household footing is merely aforethought but it isn’t an antidote, therefore be free to go for expert help once in every six months.
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These were the top 10 carpet cleaning tips and tricks which you can follow to keep your carpet looking like new.